What you put on your skin absorbs into your body.


We wanted not only to find healthy, organic products for health but high-end products that actually deliver results. Since each line did not have every perfect product we mixed and matched here are the results. 


For: Most skin types. Gluten Free.

Especially beneficial for: Environmentally stressed, experienced, acneic, or imbalanced complexions

Benefits: A long soft kiss of hydration * Reinvigorates, replenishes, and soothes skin to glowing, supple dewiness * Quenches free radicals * Free from essential oils to accommodate reactive, sensitive skin * Enhances elasticity and luminosity * Brightens dullness and calms redness * Targets inflammation and free radicals leaving skin radiant



For use both day and night, this elixir will assist in renewing hydration deeper into the epidermis before oil-based products during the day, and alone at night to regulate while you sleep, without the use of serums, or night creams. Also perfect for travel to keep from dehydrating, especially on planes.

The delicately floral Tunisian neroli is moisturizing and calming, making it a perfect treatment for irritated, inflamed, or dry skin. It is also excellent for rosacea and sunburned or windburned skin.


The Mukti hydrating cleanser is suitable for post- procedure, sensitive and dry skin. The Mukti foaming cleanser is better for normal-oily skin. 


For: Most skin types

Especially beneficial for: Skin challenged by time and the elements such as unruly hormones or pollution.

A 100% active, moisturizing Beauty oil formulated with holistic principles in mind. Certified, bioidentical CoQ10, Vitamin C ester, a plethora of botanical extracts, and the essential oil of 1,000 organic Bulgarian roses combine to diminish the appearance of sun damage old and new to deliver dewy, glowing, rose-petal-soft skin.


For: Most skin types

Especially beneficial for: Essential oil lovers with combination or inflamed, fussy skin due to blemishes or over exposure to the environment.

Benefits: Softens, tones, moisturizes, and boosts luminosity * Complements your SPF protection * Grounding aromatherapy for each chakra * Calms and balances irritations * Protects and boosts collagen * Diminishes signs of UV over exposure * Enhances elasticity



For: Most skin types

Especially beneficial for: Complexions too sensitive for essential oils, yet desirous of the ultimate, natural skin care treat.

Benefits: No essential oils to accommodate reactive, sensitive skin * Tones, softens, moisturizes, and boosts luminosity * Compliments your SPF protection * Diminishes signs of UV overexposure * Softens, soothes, and nourishes chapped skin * Protects & boosts collagen




Next are our 2 favorite daily use sunscreens. Both products use only the finest naturally derived, organic, wild harvested and non-GMO ingredients.  Products do not have any added water to ensure you’re only getting the ingredients that matter in a potent and active state. 




A multifunctional, translucent veil of non-nano, broad spectrum SPF 30 and moisturizing botanicals to prime skin for daily radiance.

Benefits: Offers gentle, yet effective protection from UVA and UVB * Enhances skin to appear more plump, smooth, and luminous * Non whitening * Plays well with other KYPRIS skin care and makeup * Free from essential oils to accommodate reactive, sensitive skin * Calming, soothing, non-irritating. Housed in glass.

Cons: Comes in a glass jar. 

For: Most skin types. Gluten Free.

Especially beneficial for: Most complexions




  • Protects the skin from UVA that age and UVB rays that burn the skin
  • Comes in a UV resistant glass pump

  • Cruelty-Free: tested on our skin, never on animals

  • Eco-luxe and formulated without parabens

Cons: Oily texture and essential oil smell so it may be too much for some.


Take care of the skin on top of your head with this excellent scalp treatment. 




To compliment all the hard work of a skin care regimen we recommend a 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase.  
Silk forms a moisture barrier against the skin to naturally hydrate the skin and reduce the wrinkles caused by regular pillowcases. It also helps with hair restoration due to the fact it’s friction-free, so it does not tear or create frizzy hair.