Ergo Evaluations

Ergonomics is more than a work-related issue. Everyday poor habits and incorrect posture can lead to short-term pains that can turn into long-term injuries. Because no two people are created the same, it is essential that you check your mode of transportation, workspace and home to ensure that the places where you spend time are set up correctly for you. After all, how can you reach your fitness and health goals if you sabotage your body’s integrity through poor alignment? We help to ensure that you are traveling, working, and relaxing in a way that does not cause injury or strain on any part of your body so that it can thrive.

Through our comprehensive evaluations, not only will we identify problem areas, but we also provide customized and practical solutions. Rather than letting your environment work against you, allow us to show you how to intelligently design your surroundings so you may navigate your day with less ache and stress, and more focus and comfort.