Sportsmedx is the best of the best. It is where the professionals go to train. However, I am no athlete. Working with a trainer who has calm expertise has helped me immeasurably. I look and feel better now in my 50’s than in my entire life. Weight loss, shaping, and vastly improving my osteoarthritis have been the physical results. The increase in confidence, well-being, and happiness has been the emotional result.
— Polly Malan, Principal Violist

Absolutely excellent! Sportsmedx is truly exceptional! They can tailor their extensive skill sets to any goals. I came here about four years ago with a bad back injury. Not only did I get guidance through a total rehabilitation, but I have been able to rebuild and then surpass my pre-injury personal bests with strength, speed, muscle mass, cardio, and athletic ability. I now look back at my back injury as a blessing because it led me to Sportsmedx!
— Beau Jansen, Fitness Manager Santa Cruz Core Fitness and Rehab

I cannot say enough good things about training with Jamie. Before meeting with her, I had never seen a trainer before. I decided I needed to when I had shoulder and lower back pain that nagged me. I had heard so many awesome and almost unbelievable results from others who had seen her. I decided that I had to go, even though it took 1+ hours round trip to drive and see her (Santa Clara to Santa Cruz). The drive was worth it. Jamie was able to tailor a program for me that helped me eliminate the discomfort I had, cut some weight, and add more than 10 lbs of muscle in places I needed it. She helped me improve my posture, and I grew by almost 1”! Jamie can help anyone achieve their fitness goals. She has seniors with back pain to bodybuilders, and others in between who go see her and get results. She has a ton of knowledge and wisdom that you need to hear and trust. Some of her guidance will feel counter-intuitive, but trust her. She can be tough and kind and will give you both when you need it. She’ll also hold you accountable. Finally, she lives what she preaches. Go see her!
— Phil McClendon, Team Leader Garmin International

I have been fortunate enough to train with Jamie Noble For the last 8 years. She helped me rehab from surgeries, get to my goal weight and compete in sports I love. Not only do I trust her with my body, but her mental training is key to success as well. No matter how busy you are, Jamie will prescribe the appropriate exercises that will fit into your life and get you your desired outcome. Thank you Jamie!
— Jaimi Jansen, Owner Santa Cruz Core

Sportsmedx is above all other personal training facilities. There is no comparison. Immediate results and you know your body is in the best shape of your life
— Sara Abd Elfattah, Mother of 3

When I started working with Jamie I was looking for a trainer to help me tone my arms and shoulders so I’d feel good in my wedding dress. I was so happy with the results, that I continued training with Jamie. Jamie’s comprehensive knowledge, professionalism, total focus on her work, flexibility and genuine caring kept me coming back to her for over 10 years. She continually adapted our workout sessions to my changing interests and needs. No two sessions were the same so I didn’t get bored. Over the years I came to Jamie with injuries (back, knees, shoulder, etc.) and each time, Jamie effectively used her physical therapy background and current knowledge to heal and strengthen my body.
— Julie Brewer

I used to think a personal trainer is for other people, not ordinary people like me, I was not interested in becoming a super athlete or bodybuilding, but I did have ideas about wanting to feel better and looking better. I have posture issues, back pains and some extra fat in places I want to get rid of, and Sportsmedx has been the best help I got to reach my goal of becoming more fit and healthier. Having a personalized training program is so beneficial for working out smarter, not more!
— Portia Shao, Owner Postive Vista Photography

Jamie Noble has been the medicine I have been searching for. Prior physical therapy has failed me. Jamie’s personalized approach & complete understanding of the body (on top of her optimistic attitude on rebuilding the body through discipline) has what has helped me rebuild my body & perception on healing.
Highly recommend Jamie!!!!
— Mikayla Korrie Gibson, New Mother